What to do with constipation

What to do with constipation?

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What to do with constipation?

It is very important for every person to monitorthe correct operation of the gastrointestinal tract, since violations in this area lead to serious negative consequences in health. Especially do not run the problem of constipation! Doctors say that constipation is life-threatening.

  • Constipation leads to inflammation of the rectum, to colitis, diseases of the biliary tract, hemorrhoids, rectal cracks, paraproctitis and other serious diseases.
  • Prolonged constipation can cause a backward release of the contents into the small intestine, and this is reflux enteritis.
  • Constipation is the enemy of youth, beauty and normal weight.
  • Scientists believe that the appearance of cancer of the rectum and colon is associated with constipation.

What to do with constipation to an adult

Constipation can not be called a disease, it is rather a symptom. And the reasons can be a huge amount:

  • malnutrition,
  • pregnancy,
  • abuse of laxatives,
  • lack of toilet amenities (do not be surprised,many people tend to endure at work, if the toilet room is poorly equipped, and then suffer from dangerous diseases - the consequences of such abstinence)
  • regular use of certain drugs that cause stooling,
  • intestinal diseases.

General recommendations to get rid of constipation

  1. The first thing you must learn and never violate: a day drink at least 10 glasses of ordinary water.
  2. You can not ignore even the slightest urge of the intestines, just go to the toilet.
  3. Do not abuse laxatives, otherwise it will be rather difficult to remove food from the body afterwards.
  4. Eat often, but a little! Try to eat at the same time, do not bite.
  5. Go in for sports, at least do exercises in the morning or go to work on foot in case of a sedentary lifestyle.
  6. Diet. Eat more foods with fiber, fresh, boiled and stewed vegetables, fresh and dried fruits and cereals. Use sour-milk products: low-fat yogurt, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk and sour milk. Sweetshoppers need to give preference to honey, pastille, marshmallow, marmalade and jam. First aid will serve as a plum and orange. Proper nutrition will help not only to maintain health, but also to get rid of constipation.
  7. Try as little as possible to eat viscous porridge(semolina and rice), lard, white bread, cakes, pastries, from vegetables: onions, garlic, mushrooms, turnip, radish, legumes; dairy products, fried meat and fish, canned goods.

First aid for constipation

  • Enema (see "How to make an enema?").
  • In the pharmacy, buy magnesium sulfate or magnesium(25 grams of powder), dilute in water (100 grams), drink (before this can not eat 3-4 hours). The taste is very nasty, but the intestines will be completely cleansed, believe me! It is allowed to drink the solution with sweet tea. After taking the medicine, you need to lie down on your right side, lie down for a few minutes. The process of cleansing the bowels can last half a day, so you do not have to leave the house.

Constipation during pregnancy - what to do?

According to statistics, from constipation 11-38%pregnant women. And even after childbirth, problems with stools may persist for some time. Whatever the reason of constipation at you was, the pregnant woman should observe a diet.

Eat muesli, millet, pearl gruel, buckwheat asgarnish, oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, black bread and sour-milk products. For constipation, drink 1 liter of kefir. You can drink a glass of yogurt on an empty stomach with a spoon of soaked buckwheat.

What to do if you become a baby

When the child has constipation, you can docleansing enema with boiled water at room temperature (some add 1 teaspoon of glycerin to 1 glass of water). And to prevent constipation no longer, make sure that the child follows a diet, as with constipation in adults (more fiber). And now let's see what to do with constipation in newborns.

Constipation in infants - what to do

In young children, constipation problems are very common, especially in infants. A normal chair in infants is a chair once a week. If there is no longer a chair, then:

  • Let the baby drink more water, you can through the teaspoon; even quite a bit of the liquid that has got into the intestines, helps to soften the stool.
  • Make the baby a tummy massage clockwise.arrow immediately after drinking. The hands of the parent should be warm, rub them. Try to do the massage regularly before feeding. Talk with the baby during the massage, it should be a pleasant child.
  • If the constipation of the newborn does not go away, what should I do? Make him a warm bath, they improve the activity of the intestine.

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