Spanish style in the interior

Spanish style in the interior

Spain is a country of bullfighting and captivating dark-haired beauties dancing flamenco, having survived difficult times in the past. She rose to unprecedented heights and just as rapidly fell down to the feet of the Moorish conquerors. Typical for the south of Europe, the Spanish style has undergone changes along with the state. If initially the local interiors were not very different from the design of houses in neighboring countries, then after the wars unusual elements appeared in them, which later became the calling card of the direction.

Geographically, the state is located at the Gibraltar border between Africa and Europe. On the one hand, Spain coexists with Portugal and France, and on the other, with Algeria and Morocco. It is because of its geographical location that the country was once attacked by the Moors. The invaders were able to secure for themselves only a part of the then state territory, but the Moorish style managed to leave a noticeable imprint on Spanish culture and in the same direction during this time.The amazing mixture of Europe and Africa continues in the eternal search for harmony between nature and man. Spaniards - people are passionate, quick-tempered, but at the same time easy-going, cheerful and hospitable. Excessive “fervor” of character is manifested in many decorative elements and details.

The conquest of South America by the Spaniards themselves, headed by Cortes, also left an imprint on their culture. Although the conquistadors themselves were convinced that only their traditions had leaked onto the lands of the Aztecs, and the local natives could not have such an influence on the invaders. Spanish style in the interior belongs to the group of ethnic trends. It combines European foundations with light Arabic motifs and Latin American notes. We will talk about how to correctly furnish an apartment in Spanish style in this article.

Pros and cons

Direction is a lot like the colonial style. The latter is a successful "mixture" of Spanish culture and customs of the natives, in whose territories the colonialists settled. The advantages of the direction include:

  • The brightness of colors and the freshness of the palette.In Spanish, southern interiors use soft, warm colors and very colorful accent colors.
  • The arrival of a large amount of light due to the wide windows. Spanish rooms literally bathe in the sun. Unlike the Berbers, who hide from the luminaries in rooms cooled by ceramic tiles, these Southerners are not afraid to overheat.
  • Unusual, non-standard setting.

Spanish motifs in the interiorModern living room design Bright accents Hallway in spanish style Panoramic window Original ceiling

There are no significant shortcomings in the direction. Of the relative minuses note:

  • A high probability of fast satiation is too bright and dynamic environment.
  • Style is contraindicated for people with Nordic characters, as the passion of the Spaniards, which is reflected in the stylistic features, will not give comfort to emotionless owners with a cold mind.

Before you choose this stylistic solution for the design of interior compositions, it is probably worth plunging headlong into a typical Spanish setting. For these purposes it is not at all necessary to go on a trip, local themed bars or restaurants will do.

Contrasting decorNatural materials for interior Warm interior Wooden furniture set Dark wood National patterns

Features and characteristics of the Spanish style

Spanish style is classified into two types:

  1. Classical.In this manner they decorated the decoration of houses until about the end of the second half of the XIX century.
  2. Modern. Over the last hundred years, the style has suffered a small “polishing” with time to adapt to modern realities. The final version turned out great.

Sea theme

Traditional Spanish style has similar features with the usual classics: expensive materials, darker shades, an abundance of decor, luxury in every detail. The modern version does not apply certain elements that may cause inconvenience. For example, arched openings without doors. Also in the modern adaptation are added various benefits of technical progress, without which not a single interior can do. In a Spanish setting, combinations of light background tones and bright accent shades are used.

Muted tones in the designBright lighting Spanish Style Decor Terracotta floor Modern terrace in a spanish house Classic hall

Be sure to have solid dark wood furniture and forged items. Decorative items are grouped in separate areas of the room. If you use the "rustic" version of the Spanish style, then you must have handmade textiles (mats, pillowcases for pillows). On the ceiling, traditionally a row of wooden beams is left, which alternate with plastered areas.If there are no such structures in the apartment, then they can be added as decoration for greater similarity with Castilian houses.

Luxurious living room

Designers recommend decorating all rooms in Spanish style. This tip applies to small cottages and one-bedroom apartments. But in spacious country houses with many rooms you can experiment with a combined ethnic design, where Spanish will become only an integral part of a complex, stylistic picture.

Bright walls in the hallRest zone Decorative items Cozy living room Wide arch Big windows

Each room can symbolize a separate country. The bathroom will reign in Japanese style, the bedroom will be decorated with notes of Italy, and the Spanish direction will transform the living room.

Color palette in the interior

The basic color in the Spanish interior is brown. Its shades can be used not only in the decoration of walls and floors, but also on furniture surfaces, textiles, and decor. Among the most relevant tones note: mahogany color, classic light walnut, beige, terracotta, coffee with milk. The duet with brown for the background finish also uses snow white. Usually it appears in the plastered walls.

Spacious room in Spanish style

Accent areas are made mainly in natural shades: red, coral, pink, fuchsia, olive, mustard, yellow, orange, lilac.Slightly less often use blue, blue and violet. These shades are more suited to the modern adaptation of the Spanish direction.

White walls and ceiling

Materials and methods of finishing

To get a design interior in Spanish style, have to spend money. This direction of natural materials, so save will not work. The walls are traditionally decorated with simple plaster of white, pearl, beige color. The ceiling with wooden beams make out the same material. In modern apartments, there are options where used Venetian plaster relief, but for the classic style, this solution is not typical.

Living room decor

As for the floor, in ordinary rooms it is covered with parquet, but in the kitchen you can use not only ceramic tiles, but even bricks. The latter option is out of the usual ways of decorating. Brick instead of flooring really looks non-trivial and original. This option is perfect for those kitchens that go directly to the back yard. In landscape design, you can use the same brick when decorating the tracks, which will “tie” the interior of the room to the exterior design.

Stylish lampsWhite walls Dark ceiling Spanish bedroom in the house Design room in the southern style Ceiling lighting

By the way, the owners of country houses should pay attention to the Spanish style in the exterior and landscape design. Incredibly cozy backyards with terraces, arched vaults, thickets of flowering and fragrant greenery will be a real decoration of the land.

Spanish style in a modern interior

Light and lighting

Spanish interiors are characterized by the use of low-hanging chandeliers. Moreover, the ceiling can have different forms and be made of different materials, but the "low fit" is typical for all. Perhaps this tradition is associated with high ceilings that used to decorate typical Spanish houses. Instead of chandeliers then used candlesticks that gave little light. Apparently, to adjust and increase the brightness, the chandeliers fell.

Lighting in the bedroomSpanish motifs in the interior Fireplace in the living room Lights in the dining room Textiles for the hall Lighting in the hallway

Additional lighting is presented mainly floor and table lamps and floor lamps. On the walls are familiar to modern man sconces rarely hang. If the need for such a decoration has arisen, then the surface is decorated with an original lamp imitating a candlestick. Then it will be possible to achieve similarities with the classic Spanish interiors of the Middle Ages (especially if the walls are painted in green, yellow or dark brown).In modern adaptations often use decorative lighting around the perimeter of the room or along the niches, shelves.

Luxury furniture

Traditional Spanish Furniture - What Is It?

In Spain, using heavy, bulky furniture made of natural wood. No MDF, chipboard, laminated chipboard and other pressed substitutes and imitations, only solid wood. The facades of cabinets are only slightly decorated with carvings, without surplus. The legs of sofas, armchairs, chairs also have elegant shapes and neat relief. Soft surfaces are covered with covers or covers of dark tones with a restrained pattern. The backs of the beds, fireplace grates, decorative details of the shelves and storage systems are decorated with wrought iron elements. In the rustic apartments used wicker chairs and chairs. In Spanish style, they flow organically.

Kitchen-living room in the cottage

Decorative items and accessories

As mentioned above, the Spanish style does not tolerate an abundance of decor. First you need to pick up textiles. Preference is given to natural, pleasant to the touch fabrics: linen, cotton, wool. The floors are covered with rugs with a complex, colorful pattern. In the village interiors use homespun walkways. Windows curtains rarely.Usually used the Spanish version of the "Roman" model with imitation of bamboo modules. If the windows are large, as in the country houses of Spain, then they do not need to be closed. Pictures are hung on the walls, and shelves are made with souvenirs and products made of wood, ceramics, and clay. These can be vases, jewelry boxes, candlesticks, plates, wicker baskets, flower pots.

RestroomCountry style Cooking table Spanish style house Beams on the ceiling Natural wood in the interior

Spanish style kitchen

Spanish cuisine is trimmed with ceramic tiles or bricks in combination with simple plaster. Headsets can be chosen not only in traditional brown tones, but also in the green-olive range. Furniture must be made of wood. For Spanish cuisine is characterized by the use of island planning. In the center of the room (closer to the stove) a large, elongated table is put, which can serve as a mistress’s workplace, a dining area and even a bar counter. On the ceiling, traditionally decorated with beams, a group of similar chandeliers is suspended above each functional area. Decorate the kitchenette with brass or copper kettles, ladles, bowls. On the table always put a basket with fresh fruit. Open shelves are filled with plates and cups, and a set of pans can be placed directly on the front panel of the hood.

Spanish style kitchenSpacious kitchen in a private house Brick floor tiles Wooden furniture Warm colors in the interior Stylish rustic kitchen

Bedroom in Spanish style

The Spanish bedroom is minimalist in details. A large, wide bed, decorated with wrought iron elements. It is covered with a monochromatic brown, red or yellow veil. Pillows will be a motley touch. Walls with bare plaster are decorated with classic paintings. On both sides of the bed, two symmetrical dark-colored bedside tables are installed. Near under one of the free walls put a dressing table of the same material and a chair with a straight back. The ceiling is also covered with white plaster, which alternates with wooden beams. The interior of an ascetic bedroom is completed by a pair of rectangular mirrors in strict frames on the walls.

Bedroom in Spanish styleModern interior Luxurious bed Niche in the bedroom Bed made of solid wood Spanish bedroom

Spanish style living room

In the living room is placed a traditional furniture set: a sofa, a coffee table, a couple of chairs. The fireplace will become an organic addition to the atmosphere, without which not a single hidalgo house could have done without. The table is made of wood, the furniture is covered with covers of bright or dark shades. The walls are decorated with large paintings (if the room is spacious), mirrors in wrought iron frames, and the surfaces are decorated with floor lamps with “lush” shades, vases with flowers.The floor must be covered with a rug.

Stylish decor elementsSpanish style living room Wall decoration in the hall Cushioned furniture Exit to the terrace Bright interior

Spanish style bathroom

Spanish style bathroom walls and floor tiles. Moreover, a combination of two types of patterns and one primary color (usually white) is permissible. Showers are rarely used. It is better to use a traditional white bath. The decor elements are made of brass (mixer, soap dish, towel holders and cups under toothbrushes). Although not rational, wooden furniture is also installed in the bathroom. To protect it from constant exposure to moisture, the surface must be treated with a special composition.

Spanish style bathroomTile over the sink Colonial style Spacious bathroom Luxury bathroom interior Warm colors in the interior

By the way, the dirty laundry basket can be transformed with the help of a special sputter that imitates metal. The sink is chosen either a classic white one, or an invoice of stone.

Furniture set in the style of Spain


The Spanish style in the interior reflects the uneasy character of this temperamental people. It shows hospitality, hospitality, passion, but also hot temper, levity. It's amazing how accurately the house conveys the character of the person who lives in it. Spanish interiors are ideal for decorating southern apartments, because it is in the “native” climate that the style features flourish like lanthanum.

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  • Spanish style in the interior

    Spanish style in the interior

    Spanish style in the interior

    Spanish style in the interior

    Spanish style in the interior

    Spanish style in the interior

    Spanish style in the interior

    Spanish style in the interior

    Spanish style in the interior

    Spanish style in the interior

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