Liqueur chocolate with what to drink How to make chocolate liqueur at home

Liqueur chocolate with what to drink? How to make chocolate liqueur at home?

The chocolate liqueur is truly exquisitedrink. It has a strong consistency, pleasant aroma and surprising taste. If you want to know more about this drink, then read the article next.

Usage and use

chocolate liqueur

On the basis of this drink, cocktails of all kinds are prepared. Also it is used as a natural flavor, when preparing tonic refreshing drinks.

Use liquor both in pure form, and in diluted, with a small amount of ice.

Also add this refined drink to dessert dishes. Liqueur chocolate gives the product an attractive appearance, and also makes its taste more original.

As a rule, cooks use it when preparing various mousses, cakes and pastries. If you simply add a spoonful of this liqueur to tea, the taste of the familiar invigorating drink will completely change.

Varieties and types of chocolate drink

with what they drink chocolate liquor

The most famous type of chocolate liqueuris Mozart (produced in Austria). This drink is represented by a whole line of refined drinks. There are three types: Black, White and Gold. All of them differ aromatic, and also flavoring qualities. Let's get acquainted with each one in more detail.

Mozart Black is a thick strong drink thatIt is made on the basis of roasted cocoa, dark chocolate (high quality) and aged bourbon. Liqueur has a pleasant taste with delicate vanilla notes.

The next drink is completethe opposite of Mozart Black. It's called Mozart White. As the name implies, white chocolate (high-quality) is the basis of this drink. The taste of this liquor is easy and pleasant.

chocolate liqueur at home

No less worthy place in the line isMozart Gold. It is created from cocoa infusion sustained for two months. Also in the composition of this drink there are other important ingredients, such as sugar, cream and black Belgian chocolate (of high quality, of course). The drink has a rich flavor and a thin chocolate-creamy taste.

How to drink a refined drink?

And now let's find out how and with what they drinkchocolate liqueur. As a rule, serve this drink after the second course, before or in conjunction with tea and coffee. Liquor is not cooled, poured into special glasses with a volume of 25 to 60 ml. If you add a little ice to it, you get a cocktail called "On the rocks".

Note that the chocolate liqueur is beautifulis combined with other strong drinks. For example, it is very often mixed with whiskey, vodka, gin or cognac. Also, the liqueur is combined with milk, cream or ice cream.

And what do they eat? For these purposes, fruits such as oranges, apples and grapes are perfect.

chocolate home liqueur


Before I tell you how to make such a drink, I would like to describe how to make a cocktail with chocolate liqueur. To create it, you will need:

• milk - 60 ml;

• mint liquor - 20 ml;

• chocolate liqueur - 20 ml;

• ice.

All components are put in a shaker, all thoroughly mixed and poured into a glass.

Cocktail "Don Giovanni"

To prepare the drink you will need:

• whipped cream;

• chocolate liqueur - 30 ml;

• almond liqueur - 10 ml;

• Chocolate chips.

Liqueurs are poured into a low glass for champagne. Cream whisk and put in the middle of the drink. The cocktail is sprinkled with chocolate chips, and then served.

chocolate liqueur recipe

We prepare a delicious drink at home

In order to prepare a chocolate liqueur, the following ingredients will be required:

• two hundred grams of dark chocolate;

• one and a half liter of vodka or alcohol;

• some vanilla sugar;

• two glasses of milk;

• one glass of granulated sugar;

• three hundred milliliters of water.

Method of preparation of a drink

1. Black chocolate is rubbed on a fine grater and poured with vodka.

2. Add a little vanilla sugar.

3. Mix the mixture thoroughly and insist for seven days in a cool place. Mix every twenty-four hours.

4. After the time has elapsed, you need to take milk, water, and sugar. Of these ingredients, you need to weld the syrup. After cooling and mix with infusion. Then leave the drink for another three weeks.

5. As twenty-one days pass, the liquor needs to be filtered. Then again pour into the jar and so leave for another seven days. Here and so you can make chocolate liqueur at home.

The time of preparation of alcoholic beverages is from four to seven weeks. But the drink will meet all expectations.

With cream alcohol and cocoa

You can make a chocolate liqueur differently. To do this you will need:

• seventy-five grams of cocoa powder;

• two hundred grams of granulated sugar;

• a liter of milk;

• One hundred and fifty grams of creamy alcohol.

Preparation of a delicious drink

  1. Pour sugar and cocoa into the mug. Thoroughly mix them still in dry form.
  2. Add to the milk and mix. Take care that there are no lumps.
  3. The mixture is poured into a saucepan and boiled for at least twenty minutes on low heat. After let cool. Then add the alcohol.
  4. Transfer liquid to glassware. After clogging and remove to a cool place for a week. Then you can use chocolate liqueur.

With chocolate

To prepare such a drink, you will need:

• chocolate bar;

• one glass of vodka;

• One gram of vanillin;

• 500 ml of milk;

• 1/3 cup of water;

• ½ cup of sugar.

cocktail with chocolate liqueur

Preparation of refined beverage

1. First you need to grate the chocolate bar on a small grater and pour into a saucepan.

2. Then you need to make a glass of vodka and pour it into a pot of chocolate. After that, add 1 gram of vanillin.

3. The entire mixture must be mixed and poured into a container with a lid (tightly closed). Insist week. Periodically you need to shake the drink.

4. After a week take out the bottle. Pour it into the prepared chilled syrup from milk, sugar and water. After a good shake and leave for two weeks in the refrigerator. Then the drink should be bottled.

Chocolate liqueur. Recipe with coffee

Now tell you how to make such a drink.


• five hundred milliliters of vodka;

• five hundred grams of sugar;

• one and a half glasses of water;

• fifty grams of natural coffee;

• vanilla stick.

To insist the drink will be from one week to two months.

Preparation of a drink at home

1. Pour the ground coffee with water, put on a fire and boil for five minutes. It is necessary to remove several times from the fire and put again.

2. After you need to let it cool. Then it is necessary to pour the coffee into a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Leave for 24 hours at room temperature.

3. After twenty-four hours, strain the coffee from the thick. Separately, in a saucepan, mix a glass of water, five hundred grams of sugar and cook for ten minutes. In this case, stir constantly. Then cool the mixture and pour in the coffee.

4. After you send the same vanilla and five hundred milliliters of vodka. Next, it is necessary to pour the drink into a bottle with a tight stopper. Leave for three weeks in the refrigerator. As a result, you will get a liter of liquor with a pronounced taste of coffee.

liquor creamy chocolate

Home-made liqueur

To make a chocolate liqueur homemade, you will need:

• three yolks;

• One hundred gram of sugar;

• five grams of vanilla;

• forty grams of milk chocolate;

• Fifty milliliters of cognac;

• one hundred and sixty milliliters of vodka;

• 200 grams of creamy cream.

The process of liqueur cooking

1. First you need yolks, sugar grind or mix whisk.

2. There also add cream. Stir, put on a steam bath. Warm up to sixty degrees.

3. During this, you need to melt the chocolate and add it, into the sugar-cream mixture, standing on the water bath. Stir and cook for seven minutes. Strain, pour into a bottle and cool.

Creamy chocolate liqueur

To prepare such a drink, you will need:

• 150 ml of whiskey;

• condensed milk bank;

• three hundred milliliters of cream;

• tablespoon of instant coffee;

• a packet of vanilla sugar;

• One hundred grams of dark chocolate.

do creamy chocolate liqueur at home

Preparation of a tasty alcoholic beverage

1. To make chocolate liqueur at home, first you need to melt the chocolate itself.

2. Then it is worth dissolving the coffee in boiled water (50 ml). After it needs to be poured into chocolate. Mix the whole mixture with a blender.

3. Then there should be added cream, condensed milk, vanillin, alcohol. Again it is worth whipping all the ingredients. Then the resulting mixture must be poured into a bottle and insisted for two hours. That's all, the creamy-chocolate liqueur is ready. The drink will turn out to be sweet, with a taste of cream.

A small conclusion

Now you know what you drink chocolate liqueur. We also considered different ways of creating such a drink and recipes for a couple of good cocktails, in which it enters. We hope that the information presented in the article was useful to you, and you yourself can make such a liqueur at home.

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