Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise

Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise

No organization, whether industrialenterprise, commercial firm or educational institution, can not do without the post of manager of the economy. This is the person who holds the entire material part in his hands, organizes the life and monitors the order in the territory entrusted to him. Its responsibilities are vast and varied. They are regulated by such a document as the job description of the head of the household. In it are written down to the slightest detail the rights and duties of the manager.

Of course, the organization of the organization is different. And the job description of the enterprise manager (for example, a commercial firm) is not the same as a similar document in a school or kindergarten. But, nevertheless, there are general provisions that unite all types of such instructions. Let's consider them in more detail.

job description of the head of the household

Basic Provisions

By law, the head of the household belongs tonumber of leaders. You can appoint and dismiss him only by order of the CEO (on the proposal of the head of the structural unit), to which the manager directly submits.

As the job description of the head saysthe person applying for this vacancy must have a diploma of vocational secondary education and not less than one year's work experience in the economic sphere.

In his absence, powers and rights are transferred to a temporary deputy appointed by a special order for the institution.

The job description of the clerk obligates himto know all the points of legislation and regulations related to the economic activities of the enterprise, the norms and rules of labor protection and industrial sanitation, as well as safety and fire protection, the rules for operating the premises entrusted to it.

In his work he is guided, except forhis own job description, legislative acts of the Russian Federation and regulatory acts of the organization (bylaws, internal regulations), orders and directives of immediate superiors.

job description

His job

What kind of actions include the job description of the clerk? Their circle is wide enough.

The manager of an economy is obliged to supervisethe organization's economic maintenance, provide replenishment, safety and restoration in the event of a breakdown of working equipment, ensure cleanliness and order at the enterprise and in the adjacent territory. He must monitor the condition of the building entrusted to him and, if necessary, timely repair. In time to supply the office with office supplies, supplies, necessary furniture and equipment.

The shopkeeper regularly conducts a full inventoryof the property for which he is responsible. Organizes the activities of personnel - cleaners, locksmiths, workers. Keeps all reporting on the form of the established sample and on time hands over it.

job description

His powers

What are the rights of this official?

The head of the economy establishes officialduties to their subordinates. He is entitled to keep abreast of all decisions of the authorities that are relevant to his sphere of activity - the economic support of the enterprise. Can request the necessary documents in his activity and any information from the structural divisions of the company.

In addition, the manager directly participates in thepreparation of orders, estimates, contracts, instructions and any other documents related to economic matters. He has the right to make suggestions to the authorities on optimization of economic activity within the framework of his own job description.

He can demand from the authorities to provide the required working conditions and to issue the necessary documents for the performance of their duties.

job description

His responsibility

What is the responsibility of the manager of the household?

First of all - for incomplete or substandardexecution of their own official duties, as stipulated in the instruction, within the limits of labor legislation. For not preserving trade secrets and other confidential information. For violation of the rules of labor discipline within the institution, labor regulations, approved fire safety rules, as well as safety precautions.

As stated above, each individualthe job description of the manager of an economy has its own peculiarities. And they depend directly on the nature of the organization or institution and type of activity. Consider the work of this person more specifically on the example of the post of head of preschool educational institution (or simply kindergarten). What is it?

Job description of the head of the economy

First of all, the manager is considereda materially responsible person. As already mentioned, he is accepted and dismissed from the post by the head of the Dow, he immediately obeys him, he works according to the schedule approved by him.

In addition to the RF TC and other legislative acts,job descriptions of the manager in the DOW prescribe him to know and comply with the requirements of SanPiN concerning the operating mode of the DOW. And, of course, the points of your own employment contract.

job descriptions of the kindergarten manager

Activities of the head of the garden

As part of the organization of economic servicesThe kindergarten manager buys and brings all the necessary equipment, as well as detergents. It monitors the safety of the property of the institution, if necessary, provides repair and replenishment. Controls not only the condition of premises and equipment, but also of the adjacent site, ensures order and cleanliness in the entrusted territory, directs improvement and gardening.

He is obliged to take measures to prevent fires -guarantee the availability of fire extinguishers and evacuation schemes. At the same time it keeps the accounting documentation and presents it in time to the accounting department. It monitors the serviceability of lighting, heating and ventilation, organizes the work of the warehouse and the conditions for the normal storage of kindergartens. Periodically (in a timely manner) conducts an inventory and writes off the product that has become unusable.

Similar duties include the job description of the school manager. This is due to the general specifics of the work of these institutions.

job descriptions

Products are a separate issue

The job descriptions of the kindergarten keeper have a number of characteristics.

The farm provides conditions for uninterruptedthe work of the food unit and the laundry, receives the products from the database on the waybills, keeps them weighed and recorded, monitors the timing of the implementation. He issues food products to kitchen workers according to the menu-layout. Participates in the preparation of such a menu for 10 days with the provision of the desired set of products. He follows the sorting of vegetables, the state of the storerooms and the proper storage of food stocks. All documentation for their accounting is submitted for signature to the manager.

In addition, he records all material assets that are in his charge, compiles applications for the write-off to the accounts department, monitors the consumption of electricity.

Rights and responsibilities of the head of the economy

In addition to the powers provided for by the Laborthe code and other legislative acts, the Charter and other local acts of the institution, he enjoys the right of annual paid leave in 28 days (calendar). The job description of the school or kindergarten keeper includes personal responsibility for the life and health of the children of the educational institution and for the complete safety of the property.

For non-performance of the above duties, material, disciplinary and criminal liability is provided for in accordance with the law.

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  • Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise Job description of the head of the school, kindergarten, hospital or enterprise