How to moisturize your hair

How to moisturize your hair?

Every woman, while still a girl, dreamsbecome a beauty with luxurious hair. Short female haircuts have already gone out of fashion, the honor now has long hair, and healthy and luxurious hair becomes the object of envy of rivals. Beauty hair provides daily care for them, because they must be nourished with vitamins and periodically moisturize. Each woman uses a large arsenal of various cosmetics - balms, masks, sprays, creams and even decoctions of specially selected herbs.

Conditioner and cream

In modern conditions it is more reasonable to acquiremoisturizing hair cream and conditioner simultaneously with shampoo. It is desirable that this product was from one manufacturer. The cream provides them with food, and the conditioner, due to special substances, enveloping each hair, does not allow the loss of water. Concerning the balm conditioner, it should be said that the effectiveness is not so high, it is difficult to achieve the desired result - the hair remains lifeless and weak.

Moisturizing oils

Use of castor oil or oilburdock, has a beneficial effect on the health of the hair. Coconut moisturizing hair oil is desirable to use not often, but the effect will be no less positive. Despite the useful properties, these oils also have a significant disadvantage - after their use, the hair remains a greasy shine. Excess fat increases the weight of the hair, the jojoba oil is considered to be more light in this respect. When applying oils, special attention should be paid to the tips of the hair. After applying oil to the hair, you need to cover your head with polyethylene, and after 30 minutes you can wash it off with shampoo.

Masks and sprays for moisturizing hair

The most effective mask for improving the structurehair invented by our great-grandmothers or even their great-grandmothers - they used a bread mask. The recipe for its production, as a basis, is used today by specialists of some beauty salons. To make it, you need to soften the bread in beer or ordinary water, then, the resulting gruel is applied to the hair. Then head covered with a warm towel and stand for almost an hour, then the gruel can be washed off.

Masks are always good, even when notwonder how to moisturize dry hair. The mask of raw yolk is magnificent in effectiveness. After the yolk mask hair must be softened, for this, when it is washed, you should add lemon juice to the water. There are masks from different mixtures - aloe and onions, in equal quantities, or vegetable oil, honey (equal amounts) and one yolk. You can apply them to wet and dry hair. Rubbing onion on the scalp strengthens the hair follicles and removes dandruff, although it gives the hair a slightly unpleasant odor.

Sprays are convenient in that they are represented in a wideassortment and variety - for any type of hair, including dyed. If you prefer to apply a moisturizing hair spray, you need to know the type of your hair. There are single-phase and two-phase sprays, the first apply only to dry hair or only to wet, the second allows both methods of application.

Choosing Shampoo

For dry, lost gloss, brittle andlifeless hair, shampoo should be selected very carefully. Priority can be given to manufacturers who manufacture their products on a natural basis using natural ingredients and additives. Much of the quality of shampoo says and its value, of course, that the cheapest buy should not be. However, too high a cost is also not a guarantee of the quality of the goods purchased. On the packaging of many shampoos, you can read that it is a moisturizing hair shampoo, but you should not trust this inscription. It is more reasonable to read on the reverse side the composition of the liquid that is inside this bottle.

Other means for moistening hair

To such it is possible to carry various herbalbalms, infusions and decoctions. For example, a decoction of nettle or chamomile flowers will give the hair a healthier look, a few will give them volume. You can also add honey (1: 1) to the shampoo, apply the mixture to the length of the hair and wash it off after 30 minutes. In any season of the year, you can find moisturizing hair products to heal them or revitalize them. In the summer, it is useful to rinse your hair with a burdock broth, you can cook it yourself. For this, the leaves must be boiled and insisted for half an hour. Beautiful and well-moisturized hair becomes the hair after applying a decoction of birch leaves, you can use natural birch juice.

Services of beauty salons

The above described methods of moisturizing the hair, feasiblein the conditions of the house. Today in each city there are several beauty salons, whose activities are aimed at providing comprehensive and one-time services for body care. People who do not know how to moisturize hair or who do not recognize such procedures on their own can turn to a similar salon. The cost of their services is high, for many, beauty at such a price is not available. Of course, in terms of aesthetics and convenience, visiting beauty salons is pleasant and justified. However, paying more for what you can do on your own is simply unreasonable.

General recommendations

It should be noted that no hair care iswill be effective with an incorrect lifestyle. Chronic lack of sleep, poor nutrition and poor-quality products, excessive use of curling irons, hair dryers and curlers, frequent hair coloring, do not contribute to their health. You can still recall the harmful effect of air conditioners, drying air in the room, heating, headgear in the winter.

Reduce the suffering of hair can and not refusingfrom the usual benefits. For example, instead of a conventional hair dryer, you can use a hairdryer with an ionizer, which will not overdry the hair. You need to try to use less too hot a hair dryer, a curling iron, an ironing and then there will be no question as to how to moisten the tips of hair. They should not initially be subjected to excessive drying. The first ones, as a rule, suffer from the tips of the hair. On this fact very few people pay attention, and it should be viewed as the first signal about the unhealthy hair.

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