How to create an Access database

How to create an Access database?

Any database is designed for systematized storage and subsequent processing of data, as well as for presentation of processed data in a user-friendly form.

Creating a new database program Access 2007

To ensure that the DBMS (database management system) canprocess data for various requests, the data is stored in simple tables that are linked together by certain key fields. Tables in databases are a complete analogy of tables on paper, with rows and columns. The columns in the tables are strictly unique, the rows have an arbitrary layout and are identified by the identifier keys. How to create an access database is given in the example of Access 2007.

To create a new database, after starting theprogram select the icon "New database", a form opens for entering the name of the future database. Enter a name, for example "store", select the place where the database files will be located and click the "Create" button. After these actions DBMS Access 2007 will create a new database named "store" and open it in the table mode.

Access 2007 has a slightly differentinterface from earlier versions. Now the panels and menus replaced the tapes. The ribbon is the area at the top of the window from which you can select commands that for convenience have intuitive icons.

The application automatically creates the first columntable and assigns it the name "Code". This is the necessary key element of the table used to create the relationships between the tables. Clicking on the field "No." activates the "Data type" field, in which the text "Counter" is displayed. This means automatic numbering of lines by the program. In DBMS Access 2007, automatic control of the input information for determining the type of data is performed.

Database "Shop"

How to create an access database we are looking atexample of the store, then our first table let it take into account the products. Therefore, in the first line we write the name of the first product. Let it be an "orange".

After filling the cell of the second columnthe "add a field" sentence appears in place of the third column, with the second column called the "Field 1" program. We, of course, rename it by clicking on the name. Let's call it "Name of goods".

After filling the first cell, the programdetermined the data type "Text". The third column is called "Price", the fourth column is "quantity" and enter the price 55.55 and the number 130, 575, respectively, without specifying the units of measurement.

For convenience, we set the display format "With delimiters" and the buttons "Increase the bit capacity", "Decrease the bit capacity", set the desired one.

Click the "Save" button, enter the name of the "Products" table.

The following table "Delivery of goods" is createdsimilarly with the "Table" command of the "Create" ribbon. Create the "Delivery Date" fields with the data type in the short date format, the "Vendor ID" field, "Goods ID" and save the table in it.

Database Schema: Links Between Tables

How to create an access database and not get confused inlinks between tables? To do this, you need to understand that tables in databases are designed to avoid data redundancy. You need to create tables with unique data. The corresponding tables are then linked by matching the data in the corresponding columns. In order not to clutter up the "Supply of goods" table with data about the supplier in our example, we create a table "Vendors", which will contain fields: "Vendor ID", "Vendor Name", "Phone", "Contact Person", "Address". DBMS Access 2007 will automatically create links between tables or offer to create them.

Most often, the data in the tables is linked as follows: the primary key of one table "Provider ID" from the "Suppliers" table is associated with a foreign key in the other "Supplier ID" table in the "Delivery of goods" table. This connection is called one to many. The many-to-many relationship between goods and the supplier is organized using the "Supply of goods" table.

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