How to borrow in the NSS

How to borrow in the NSS?

In order to borrow on the NSS (Rostelecom)a certain amount of money, you will need to use one of the special services of this operator. These special services are especially convenient for those mobile phone users who currently do not have the opportunity to deposit money into their account (for example, being far out of town, traveling, away from payment terminals). More details on how to borrow on the NSS, and will go further.

How to borrow on the NSS: ways to connect services

Both services are designed totake money in debt, can use the subscribers of the NSS, connected to any tariff plan of the company. Find out to what NCC tariff you are connected by reading the article of our website How to find out your NSS tariff. Take the same money in the NCC debt can be as follows:

Mobile loan

This service allows you to add funds tothe amount of 25 or 50 rubles. The user of the NCC can use the service "Mobile Credit" only if the balance of his phone does not go into negative, and also if he does not have unpaid debt for this service. To activate the service, dial the following symbols on the keyboard: * 301 # and press the call button.

Trust payment

By connecting this service, users of the NSScan also easily replenish their balance (for any amount from 1 to 50 rubles) for seven working days without accrual of interest. This service is available even to those users whose balance is in the negative zone (but not more than - 40 rubles). The trust payment in the NSS is connected for free, and you can do this in three ways:

  1. Dial * 101 * 50 # and a call button on the cell phone.
  2. Using the services of a mobile assistant, typing on the keyboard of the phone signs: * 111 #.
  3. Using the personal account on the siteoperator: select the "payment" option and the "Trust payment" function. How to connect the Internet to NSS subscribers, see How to connect the Internet to the NSS.

Who can borrow on the NSS

The trust payment service canTo take advantage of clients of any tariff plans of the company. Unavailable this service can be to those users of the NSS who connected their SIM card in less than 90 days before the service request. In addition, only the user whose communication costs a month earlier were at least 50 rubles can get the right amount.

Disconnection of credit granting services to users of NSS is made if the user has not repaid the debt within thirty days.

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