Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices

Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices

At the onset of the winter season, manycar owners are trying to choose the best quality tires among a wide range of winter tires. Manufacturers, advertising their goods, guarantee its optimal running characteristics, but, nevertheless, in practice, the situation is somewhat different.

Often, expensive models of new tiresare not suitable for operation in the winter season. First of all, this is due to the climatic features of the terrain in which the tires are used. For the right choice, you need to know for certain the characteristics of the purchased product, its quality indicators in different conditions.

In this article we will consider the following aspects:

  • Description and characteristics of winter tires Ultragrip Ice Arctic.

  • Tires Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic - consumer reviews.

  • Tire testing.

  • Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic SUV-class.

  • The history of Goodyear.

  • Tires Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic: catalog, prices.

goodyear ultragrip ice arctic reviews

Goodyear today

Goodier produces tires for manytypes of transport, including for various classes of cars. In addition, the enterprises produce high-speed tires used in motorsport and characterized by excellent characteristics. Wide popularity came to the company due to the high quality of its products, as well as an affordable price category.
customer reviews goodyear ultra grip ice arctic

Today the company continues to leadworld tire industry. The central office of the enterprise is located, as before, in the state of Ohio, in the city of Akron. The company owns two major research centers located in Eicron and Luxembourg.

The firm concludes numerous contracts forthe basic complete set of tires, practically for all leading motor-car manufacturers. In many cities of America and Europe, there are tire factories belonging to the company "Goodyear" - only in Europe there are 18.

Production facilities of the modern company "Goodyear"

In 22 countries of the world there are 56 productioncenters, several test ranges (located in France and America) and research centers (Japan, USA, Luxembourg). The design of tires is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of certain natural and climatic conditions, in which new models of tires will be used. Therefore, the products of "Goodyear" meet all the requirements set for it, and the company guarantees the high quality of the goods.
tire discussion goodyear ultra grip ice arctic d stud

To develop and design one new modeltires from the company takes as much time as developing a new car. The design uses the many years of experience of previous generations, and also takes into account all the shortcomings of previous models. Before the release of new products for sale, it undergoes comprehensive testing for compliance with the declared characteristics. Chemical, physical, engineering, acoustic, design and mathematical tests are produced. After successfully passing the laboratory testing, the tires are additionally tested in real road conditions. Only after carrying out comprehensive research tires of the company "Goodyear" go on sale, which is a guarantee of the quality of tires of this company.

Model Description

Winter is a difficult time of the year for everyonemotorists. With the advent of cold weather, many drivers think about what kind of winter tires to choose and how not to spend extra money. Experts advise a new high-performance model of winter tires Ultragrip Ice Arctic.

Winter tires of Goodyear, model UltragripIce Arctic in particular, are available for sale on passenger cars. In the manufacture of this model, new production developments have been applied, contributing to the improvement of all tire characteristics. The engineers of the company made every effort to create an inexpensive, but high-tech tire, designed to provide excellent controllability, maneuverability and other driving characteristics.

The novelty of the season 2012-2013 from the Americanfirm Goodyear - UltraGrip Ice Arctic - was developed by professional engineers of the Luxembourg branch of the company. This model is optimal for many buyers both in quality and price. Reviews of Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires confirm their leadership among similar products.


Studded tires show the bestcharacteristics of the car's handling in snowy roads. On rubber with quality misplacement, even an inexperienced driver is able to cope with the unpredictable behavior of the car in a snowfall. The development of species of thorns for the history of their existence has undergone many stages. Modern high-efficiency spikes consist of a lightweight body and a steel tip made of carbide materials.

Not the last value is the form of spines and theirlocation on the tread. The newest technology of manufacturing MultiControl with the increased area of ​​contact promotes achievement of the maximum controllability of the car on the icy surface. The Ultragrip Ice Arctic spikes have a wide rear surface of the tip, which helps reduce the stopping distance on the ice. The tip also has sharp edges. They guarantee the stability of the car in complex maneuvers, cornering and improve the overall traction and coupling characteristics of the Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic. Customer feedback also confirms these characteristics.

More stable spikes help reduceways of braking both on the snow-covered road and on the ice. The technology of their fastening guarantees a reliable fixation in the tire tread. According to the stated characteristics, a new form of spikes improves the passability of the car on snowy roads many times.

Structure of the tread

The main purpose of any bus ismaximum mitigation of shocks and impacts caused by the impact of uneven road surfaces. But the main importance is the structure of the protector, which is responsible for the immediate functions of the tires. The protector is also designed to protect the carcass of tires from various mechanical damages. Therefore, the developers of "Goodyear" made every effort to create a high-performance protector of the new model.

Shoulder blocks

To improve the movement in the snow porridge engineersIncreased the shoulder blocks of the tread, which contribute to better coupling of the wheel. Due to this the side rigidity of the tire has increased, the risk of side damages and excessive loads has decreased.

Thanks to the expanded and deep grooves,embedded in the tread pattern, the optimum drainage effect and reliable self-cleaning of the Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tire are achieved. Customer feedback on the coupling properties of the tread is always positive.winter goodyear ultra grip ice arctic reviews of tires

Tire Design

The behavior of the tire on the road largely depends on thetread pattern. From the properly selected type of its depend on the running characteristics of rubber, its coupling capabilities. Unusual tread design "Goodyear" with numerous V-shaped slats demonstrates excellent traction and coupling characteristics. The walls of the blocks have a stepped structure, which affects the stability of the car when driving on snow-covered roads.

According to the tests conducted on the Ultragrip busIce Arctic, thanks to a special pattern and structure of the tread rubber firmly holds the car with side skids. Many models with similar characteristics failed their owners when performing complex maneuvering on corners. Stable lateral stability and maximum reliability on difficult roads in winter - these are the indicators that show tires Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic. Customer reviews note the positive driving performance of such tires.


3D-BIS technology is uniquethe invention of the developers of the company "Goodyear". It is aimed at increasing the number of sipes located on the tire tread, as this factor contributes to the improvement of the coupling characteristics. Densely located slats in the operation of the car act together, improving braking and acceleration in active traffic.

In addition, this technology was usedto prevent premature deformation of the tread blocks. The bulges and indentations embedded in the structure of each lamellae, when the wheel moves, tightly adhere to each other, which increases the adhesion of the tread blocks to the road, and also preserves the shape of the tread. The two-layer cord design of the tire ensures stable handling of the car, as well as the maximum contact patch of the tread with the road.

goodyear ultragrip ice arctic suv

Testing Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic

Winter tires Goodyear Ultragrip Ice ArcticMany times they were tested for their functionality and compliance with the conditions of the Russian winter. The opinions of professional drivers about these tires are as follows:

  • The car excellently excels and demonstrates reliable braking both on ice and in snowdrifts.
  • Stable entry into corners, without drifts and slips.
  • With Goodyear tires, driving becomes more predictable. These tires give the driver greater confidence in any conditions on the winter road.
  • When testing on a mixed road surface (ice, powdered with snow), the tires also managed to "perfectly".
  • The tread exhibits good longitudinal and lateral adhesion. Prevents slippage of wheels - it keeps the car both on a straight road and in corners.
  • Due to the durable spikes of a complex geometric shape, the tires demonstrate confidence during acceleration and braking in all winter conditions.

Indicators and test results

Are the negative qualities of the Goodyear tireUltragrip Ice Arctic? The responses of professional drivers mark some of the critical aspects of the model. When testing tires in city roads, they showed high noise and unreliable coupling performance on wet asphalt.

For example, such a publication as Test World, left reviews about the tires Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic following character:

  • The braking distance when driving on bare ice with an anti-lock system was 42.2 m (testing was carried out at a speed of 80 km / h).
  • The acceleration time on the icy surface during the operation of the car was 3.3 seconds.
  • The path of braking during the movement was along a snowy road at a speed regime of 53 m.
  • The acceleration time when driving on snow during the operation of the car was 5.5 seconds.
  • The path of braking when driving on a wet asphalt surface with an anti-lock system was 33.4 m.
  • The braking distance when driving on dry asphalt with an anti-lock system was 28.3 m.

Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic: reviews

tires goodyear ultragrip ice arctic reviews

These tires have already established themselves among theother competing models. Many motorists, who managed to test these tires, refer to them as a high-quality product, not inferior to many leading models.

Many motorists make special demandsto the tires when the cold season sets in, as the safety of all road users depends on their quality. What are the characteristics of rubber (winter) Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Arctic? Reviews about tires are reduced to the following parameters:

  • Excellent performance in snowdrifts and on ice.
  • Lateral stability.
  • Resistance to drifts.
  • Support for maneuvering.
  • Economical (less fuel consumption noted).
  • Unsuitable bus in urban mode.

Buy tires Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic, prices

Prices for the tires of this model are directly dependent onsize of the diameter of the wheel. Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic SUV-class have a cost of 4000-11000 rubles per tire. The price of tires of smaller sizes starts from 2100 rubles. Tires belong to the average budgetary link.

On forums you can often see activediscussion of tires Goodyear Ultra grip Ice Arctic D-Stud. Most often owners speak about this model positively, noting the above mentioned advantages of rubber. The catalog of automobile tires "Goodyear" contains the sizes from R13 to R18. In addition, tires are also divided by type, speed index and load index. Of all these factors, the price category also depends. Lifting and speed models have a higher cost.

Buy tires "Goodyear" can be in all stores in the country, specializing in sales of tire products.

tires goodyear ultragrip ice arctic catalog prices


Winter tires Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Arcticare optimal for operation on snow and icy road surfaces. It is undesirable to use them in large megacities, where on roads there is rarely a loose snow and ice. Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Arctic customer reviews almost always give the best estimate of tire quality, recommending this product to others.

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  • Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices Goodyear Ultragrip Ice Arctic tires: reviews, prices