Fashion of the 19th century in Russia

Fashion of the 19th century in Russia

The events of world history of the 19th century could not butaffect the development of fashion. In any era, be it the Middle Ages or modernity, fashion becomes a mirror that demonstrates the society's new trends and reforms. It is assigned the status of "international". Thanks to the development of industry in Russia and in the world, more identical clothes are produced in mass quantities from fabrics created not manually but mechanically.

It is obvious that the fashion developed and changed to pleaseindustry. The fabrics became more versatile, the styles simple. There are new styles, such as eclecticism, modernism, Biedermeier, the second rococo.

Drawing an analogy with historical facts andevents, the fashion of the 19th century demonstrates the revolutionary feelings of the masses. Demonstrated conservatism of colors and fabrics, exaggeration of small parts. The pretentious, stiff clothes from the 18th century go to the past, skipping to the fore simple and comfortable things. Republican beliefs penetrate both women and men. The ladies refuse velvet and silk, and from the dresses of uncomfortable styles, the gentlemen, in turn, refuse wigs and uncomfortable tailcoats. Nevertheless, the mods do not neglect shawls, boas and other accessories.

Russian fashion of the 19th century (second half of it) changestheir directions in accordance with the international. The first beauty salons and hairdressers in St. Petersburg open. An obligatory detail of the men's wardrobe is a business visiting suit. In 1853 the cooperation of foreign brands with Russian statesmen and merchants begins. The Louis Vuitton company supplies clothes to the imperial court.

In addition to industrial production,individual. Fashion houses and sewing workshops are opening. St. Petersburg is becoming a fashionable capital, which sets the tone for other cities. Here opens the first shoe store. The first fashion magazines of Russian origin are published.

The fashion of the 19th century in Russia differs from the world in that it supports the national color. Pavlovian kerchiefs, dresses with traditional folk embroidery are produced.

Men's fashion of the 19th century is developing as actively,as well as female. Tastes are still dictated mainly by the bourgeoisie, but luxury goes to the background, giving way to modernity. Costumes are the most important part of the men's wardrobe. In the closet of the real dandy there were more than a dozen different costumes from home to ballroom. The most fashionable and new trend was a business card - a street suit intended for high-speed holidays. The colors that the Moscow fashionists chose were traditional: black and gray. From England to Russia came a tuxedo, which was worn, going to the men's club. Later, the tuxedo became an integral part of the men's wardrobe, and they wore it both in theaters and in restaurants.

Particular attention was paid to trousers. In the fifties, fashion included trousers with stripes, and after 10 years similar to them without a bar. Fashion of the 19th century was also famous for its emphasis on accents. For example, the lamp, were an indicator of the style and status of men. The cut of the trousers was varied: from baggy to narrowed.

Men have never forgotten about headaches. A variety of hats, panama, bowlers were in the wardrobes of young and elderly mods in status. The most common headdress in the 19th century was the cylinder. Not inferior to him in popularity and felt hat.

Shoes in the second half of the 19 th century differed in itsdiversity. In fashion were like shoes with a sharp, and with a stupid nose on his heel. Young people wore boots, shoes and boots with buttons and lacing. Later, practical rubber shoes appeared, designed for work and trips outside the city.

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