Delicious and original gift

Cake with dinosaurs - delicious and original gift

The best gift is a sweet gift, guaranteedany sweet tooth. What to do when the holiday on the nose, and buy cakes to treat the baby and guests do not want? If a child is delighted with dinosaurs and everything connected with them, you can make him an original cake with dinosaurs as a gift. It's easy enough and will not take long, and a good mood for your baby and his friends will be provided. Especially if they also love dinosaurs! If your baby likes figurative treats, then you can try to make him a gift as a gift cake in the form of a dinosaur. This child will be surprised at least as much, if not more, than a normal cake.

Baby cakes dinosaur

What will it take to create an unusual treat?

  • Biscuit cake in the form of a dinosaur.
  • Food color is green (for example, spinach or its juice).
  • Triangular and round forms for ice.
  • Delicious custard.
  • Round candy or dragee for decorating cake.
  • Jelly yellow, purple or any other color - at your discretion.
  • Whipped cream.
  • Prunes (optional).

How to cook a cake "Dinosaur"?

First it is necessary to prepare all necessaryIngredients. We give cakes the shape of a dinosaur, cutting them with a special pattern. After everything is ready, you can start creating a treat. Place the cakes on a table covered with food film or oilcloth. If the cake is somewhat, or one cake is cut into several pieces, it should be smeared with the cream of the biscuit junction site. Then you need to give the cakes a cheerful green color. To do this, take the food color and whisk it along with the creamy cream. The resultant "greens" neatly smear the future cake from all sides. There should not be any lumens through which the cake looks, nor too dense heterogeneous smears, so as not to give the impression that it is not a cake, but a picture written in oil. The product should be coated evenly with a spoon or culinary spatula.

All is ready?It's time to move on to decorating the delicacies. Now you need jelly, cut into triangles and circles. Triangles lay on the back, head and tail, evenly, slightly pressing into the biscuit, but not too much so as not to spoil the dish. Mugs can decorate the belly of a future dinosaur. It was the turn of the eye. With whipped cream, draw on the muzzle two big dots. In the middle of each creamy mug we squeeze a black dragee or prunes. The eyes of the dinosaur are ready! If you want them to be more expressive and shiny, you can draw another dot on the black "pupil".

Cake in the form of a dinosaur

Final touches

Our ancient guest from the past is almost ready, butthe final touch is missing. Dragee or other round candy decorate the torso of the edible reptile at its discretion - here you can show imagination and call to the aid of imagination. Remember that many children's cakes are beautiful and original, a dinosaur should really amaze and surprise your guests. At the end of the whole work with a patisserie trowel, carefully draw a "smile" of a dinosaur. Or you can put out the outline of the mouth with sweets or prunes. The choice is yours. That's all. Our cake in the form of a dinosaur is ready!

Dinosaur cake with own hands

The second version of goodies

The first variant of the holiday delicacy is very goodfor a gift and table decoration. But what if there is no possibility to reproduce such a culinary masterpiece, but do you really want to try the original treat? In this case, you can try to make a cake with dinosaurs from mastic. The cake will turn out to be no less beautiful and unusual, but you do not have to waste time on giving the biscuit an original form.

Cake with dinosaurs made of mastic

How to make an unusual cake with dinosaurs from mastic?

First you need to decide on the appearanceproducts, a feature of the location of parts on it. It is advisable to sketch a sketch, which will clearly show the details of the future delicacy. Then you can start cooking. We knead the mastic, adding food colors to it. After the mastic is ready, gently cover it with a future cake with dinosaurs. For this, we roll it with a rolling pin, making sure that the diameter of the sweet coating is 2 times larger than the diameter of the cake. In order for the coating to turn smooth and shiny, it is worth to walk a few times on it with ironing. Then gently pride the resulting mastic rolling pin and transfer it to the cake, gently smoothing all the wrinkles and irregularities. The future delicacy is almost ready, it remains to add the main thing - dinosaurs. For their creation, we roll out a ball of mastic of the appropriate color in the hand and sculpt one by one the trunk, paws, guest head from the past. The modeling of mastic is very similar to the process of creating figures from plasticine. Glue the parts to alcohol or water, make sure they are firmly connected to each other.

Cake with dinosaurs


After the figures are glued together, you need themplanted on a future cake with dinosaurs. We plant products on the toothpick, trying to do it carefully and carefully. Further we continue sculpting the figures to taste and also plant them on the whole surface of the delicacies. At the end of the work with a pastry syringe, you can write a congratulation on the cake. And you can cut letters out of mastic and put words out of them. In any case, the cake with dinosaurs will turn out to be unusual and very beautiful. Original cakes can be freely given - they will make a unique impression on the recipient. The treat from mastic with representatives of the ancient animal world and the cake "Dinosaur", made by themselves, is an excellent idea for a gift for a kid of any age.

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  • Delicious and original gift Delicious and original gift Delicious and original gift Delicious and original gift Delicious and original gift Delicious and original gift Delicious and original gift Delicious and original gift Delicious and original gift Delicious and original gift