Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06

Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06

In production, in medicine or in agricultureAn economy measuring ambient temperature or various materials is necessary to ensure the high quality of products or services. For such manipulations it is necessary to use specialized thermometers that can provide the necessary information.

Thermometers contact series TK-5

Thermometer contact TK-5.06 is used as a device for determining the temperature of various bodies, materials, gases, liquids and the environment. The process of measuring temperature indicators is performed using probes of various types and types.

contact thermometer

The devices are used for various purposes, in particular, for monitoring temperatures and measuring relative humidity:

  • in industry of all kinds;
  • at communal and heat power enterprises;
  • during laboratory (scientific) research, etc.

The device and the principle of operation

A contact thermometer of this type is constructed from a housing with an electronic unit and a set of interchangeable probes used to measure the temperature of the required surface, medium, or material.

contact thermometer 5 06

As a thermosensitive element of a thermometer, ina thermoelectric transducer with a NSX was installed in the probe. And to measure the humidity of the environment, the device is equipped with capacitive humidity sensors. In this case, thermometers of this type have a function that calculates the temperature of the dew point according to the Hoff-Gretch formula.

The device's electrical block converts the signal coming from the probe input, the indicator of which is displayed on the device's display.

Areas of use

Contact thermometer TK-5.06 is used in various spheres of life and work of a person:

  • Housing and communal services;
  • thermoelectric power;
  • agriculture;
  • oil and gas and coal mining industries;
  • food and metallurgical industries;
  • machine-building sphere;
  • transport and construction industries.

Temperature control in the sphere of housing and communal services is madefor determining the parameters of the surfaces of pipes, engines, various equipment, as well as for measuring the temperatures of liquids in the water supply and heating systems. As a rule, employees of the housing and communal services use the device to fix the indicators of the humidity of the external environment in the premises and outside or in the air in the ventilations.

In the heat and power industry, a contact digital thermometer is used to measure data of various liquids in water supply systems of all types or ventilation systems.

contact thermometer tk

In agriculture, temperature measuring devicesare used to measure data on temperature and humidity in food storage and greenhouses of various types, to determine soil indices, and also as a controller of vital signs in the process of growing livestock and poultry on farms.

The oil and gas and coal mining industries usecontact thermometer for determining the temperature of pipe surfaces during welding operations, for controlling the performance of air mixtures, various liquids and equipment surfaces. Also, the use of a thermometer is necessary in oil product storage facilities, in tankers, in tanks, in car refueling stations, in wells and in mining operations.

In the food industry,the main indicator to the quality production of goods. Contact thermometer is used to determine the parameters of surfaces, liquids, air, loose and viscous materials. The device is also necessary for monitoring the temperature of the dew point, as well as fixing the relative humidity of the ambient air, during the control of technological processes in production, during storage and processing of products.

The machine building industry requires controltemperatures during painting, the manufacture of parts and blanks and their further heat treatment, during welding operations and for monitoring environmental parameters during climatic testing of products.

In the construction industry, asphalt laying processes, the production of concrete and construction materials require constant temperature control, a contact thermometer is used for this.

contact digital thermometer

Melting and spilling of non-ferrous metals require temperature control in metallurgy.

In the transport sphere, thermometers are used forcontrol during the transportation of various industrial products and food products that require specific indicators of storage temperature. In railway transport, a clear control of the temperature of bearings on wheelsets of rolling stock and rail is necessary to avoid emergencies.

Terms of Use

Contact thermometer requires certain conditionsfor its operation. Thus, the ambient temperature should not be below -20 degrees Celsius, but should not exceed +50 degrees. Relative air humidity should be observed within 80% at a temperature of +35 degrees and atmospheric pressure kPa 86-106.

Functions and opportunities

The contact thermometer function of the electronicis quite extensive, which is why a mercury contact thermometer is rarely used. So, in the electronic thermometer there is a function that indicates the dimensionality of the measured values, also there is a measurement of temperatures from -40 to +200 degrees Celsius and above, measurements of the relative humidity of the air, fixing the minimum and maximum temperatures, calculating the "dew point". The device indicator is equipped with a backlight and auto power off after 5 minutes of inactivity.


The main features of contact thermometers aretheir high accuracy, built-in function, which allows to measure humidity and calculation of dewpoint temperature, and also an expanded configuration with several types of probes. The power of the device comes from AA batteries, while the device has a low power consumption (about 350 hours of operation with one set of batteries). It has high accuracy of indicators and an indicator with large symbols on it.

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  • Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06 Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06 Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06 Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06 Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06 Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06 Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06 Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06 Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06 Contact thermometer series TK, model 5.06