Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job

Clerks are not a diagnosis, it's a job.

Now it is very common and enjoyswith sufficient respect the term "manager". At the same time, few people (especially among employers) remember in time what this word means to the head, administrator or manager. As a result, you can run into the vacancy of the "territory manager" and to find out with surprise that there is only a janitor. For a long time, the concept of "clerk" has been forgotten and gone out of use. What is it, now, probably, only Internet jokers know. And once it was quite respected "rank".clerks are

The origin of the term and its synonyms

If you follow the exact translation, the clerks areWriter. In Britain, imperial times were called small office workers. The same meaning remains in the present Western Europe. At the same time, there really is something like a post or rank; the term implies that a person with such an "appellation" is a candidate for a certain position in court or is going to become a notary. In Russia, of course, there is no such qualification. In tsarist times, the functions of such a clerk were performed by the deacons. Now the clerks are a scornful name, designed to emphasize the insignificance of the person and the gray, monotonous and malonouzhnuyu work that she performs. At the same time, the definitions "office plankton", "paper soul" and - more tolerant - "white collars" are used.

"People's" opinion and why it does not coincide with the opinion of employers

Most people disdainoffice workers, believing that clerks are an unavoidable evil whose functions are inflated, working time is wasted on every nonsense, and whoever has become an office plankton will never rise to any official heights or pay attention to a worthy attention. In some ways this idea is justified: often the responsibilities that a clerk must perform are too vague. That this name "rakes" under itself more and accountants, lawyers and secretaries, people often forget. But without them you will not get salaries, or protection in case of malfunctions with inspection bodies. And simple "paper shifters" make life easier for their more advanced colleagues. All monotonous, uninteresting and often tedious duties are incurred by clerks. It's true that most of them go home at the end of the day at a minute's notice - but at the same time they faithfully do what they are instructed to do and what more creative employees disdain. That's why the list of vacancies for such a non-prestigious job never diminishes.clerk what is it

Pros of the status

What is attractive can be labor, whichis the clerk involved? First of all, a high degree of stability. If you have a good faith and a tendency to some kind of boring, you can be sure that tomorrow will not bring you unpleasant shocks. At the same time, the work is not too heavy, and usually it is paid very well. Despite the general opinion that the clerk is an eternal stagnation, the prospect of a successful career uniquely exists. The truth for growth can be quite a long time. If the company where you work is great, you can get additional bonuses - they usually have both monetary incentive systems and the opportunity, for example, of concessional lending. At the same time, you remain an employee, and the maximum that you run the risk of losing - the workplace. And the responsibility to all government bodies lies not on you, but on the owner of the enterprise. And if you have some personal business - you have well covered your rear "wasted", but paid for by time.clerk what is it

What we have in the minuses

Neither bright clothes, nor piercings in prominent places, norintricate haircuts, for men often necessarily clean-shaven face. The dress code is usually required in all organizations. Career will grow slowly - fast and bright successes "right away" will be achieved hardly. And most importantly, monotonous work drags on and causes some dullness if he does not resist. In order not to become a plankton, one must constantly engage in self-improvement, strive to acquire new skills and knowledge. And if you do not relax, do not go with the flow, the status of the clerk will not become your "diagnosis" for life.

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  • Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job Clerks are not a diagnosis, its a job