Catholic churches. The Catholic Church of St. Stanislaus

Catholic churches. The Catholic Church of St. Stanislaus

Catholic churches differ from Orthodoxcertain rituals. Latin, Eastern liturgical and other Western - they all take place in this faith. The visible head of the Catholic Church is the Pope, who heads the Holy See and, of course, the Vatican in Rome. It is worth noting that the history of such architectural monuments as Catholic churches is very rich and diverse. Each of them has its own peculiarities.

Catholic churches

The most famous Catholic churches

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is located inItaly, in Florence. At the time when it was built, it was the largest cathedral in all of Europe. Today it is the third largest. It is impossible not to note the unique dome, whose height reaches 91 meters, and in diameter - 42 meters. The family coat of arms of the Demidovs flaunts on its facade, which made a significant monetary contribution to the design of this cathedral. The cathedral of St. Peter is also famous, which is located in Rome. It is the largest Christian temple in the world (height - 136 m, length - 218 m). It began to be built in 1506, where the ancient basilica used to be, where the remains of the notorious apostle Peter were. It is impossible not to note the Basilica of St. Istvan, which is the largest temple in all of Budapest. It can comfortably accommodate 8,5 thousand people. Its total area is about 4730 square meters. m. The plan of this basilica is somewhat reminiscent of the Greek cross. And, of course, the Basilica of St. Adalbert, which is located in Hungary, is widely known. This cathedral is the largest temple in the country and the fifth largest in the world.

The Catholic Church of St. Stanislaus

Cathedrals of Moscow

The Roman Catholic temple, located inMoscow, is the largest Catholic cathedral in all of Russia. It is designed for five thousand seats. Tomas Iosifovich Bogdanovich-Dvorzhetsky, the architect of the temple, created a truly masterpiece. The construction of this cathedral began from 1899 to 1917. The temple itself was consecrated in 1911. It should be noted that in 1938 the cathedral was taken from the Catholics. Completely it was returned in 1996th year. This temple is a neo-gothic three-legged cross-shaped basilica. It is a cathedral in which masses are held in different languages. This is French, and English, and Polish, and Russian, and Spanish, and even Latin. It should be noted that even the Trident Holy Masses and services are held there in accordance with the Armenian rites. This church has one of the largest organs in the whole of Russia.

Roman Catholic Church

History of the temple

If we talk about Catholic churches, as well as theirhistory, it should be noted that this cathedral is associated with very interesting facts. This temple was allowed to be built only in the distance from the very center of the capital and other important churches. Even so, it was forbidden to build sculptures and towers outside the building. Earlier it was said that the church was taken from Catholics in 1938. Then he was plundered and made of a sacred place hostel. It should be noted that the Second World War also affected the church: because of the bombing, several spiers and towers were destroyed. In 2002, in the spring, the temple was involved in prayer at the Rosary with Pope John Paul II and Catholics from all over the world. And in 2009, on December 12, the cathedral celebrated ten years from the moment it was renewed. After a year and a half, on September 4th, 2011, the centenary of this stunning building was magnificently celebrated.

Catholic and Orthodox churches

The future of the temple

This Catholic church on the Georgian streetis never empty. It organizes catechesis, various youth meetings, music concerts, which take place in the framework of any charitable events, as well as many other things. The church shop, the library, the editorial office of the well-known journal called "The Catholic Herald - The Light of the Gospel", the office of the Christian charitable organization, the funds - all this refers to the templeThe Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Catholic Church on the Georgian

Temples of St. Petersburg

In Moscow there are quite a few differentchurches, which can be talked about for a long time. But the Catholic churches of St. Petersburg deserve special attention. For example, the church of St. Stanislaus. The building itself was built in 1823-25 ​​on the corner of the Workshop and Torgovaya Streets. The Catholic Church of St. Stanislaus was erected on the very spot where the garden plot and the house of Metropolitan Stanislav Bogush-Sestrentsevich was located. His name was received in memory of him. It should be noted that today there is a spiritual library near the temple. This building is the second Catholic cathedral of the city of St. Petersburg. Before him there was only the church of St. Catherine. Despite the rather modest size of the cathedral, the parish grew rapidly. By 1917, the number of parishioners exceeded 10 thousand people.

The development of the temple

In 1829 the Catholic Church of St.Stanislava opened the school named after Sestrentsevich. It should be noted that for a long time (from 1887 to 1921), a prominent figure, as well as the famous philanthropist of the Catholic Church of all Russia, Antony Maletsky, who was a bishop, served in the cathedral. About this fact inside the temple like a beautiful memorial plaque.

Differences between Orthodox and Catholic Churches

This topic is quite popular inChristianity. It is worth noting that Catholic and Orthodox churches have both similarities and differences. First, the most important similarity is that the adherents of both faiths are Christians. This is known to all. Catholic churches differ from Orthodox churches both in appearance and in common rituals. They have a somewhat different understanding of the Church and its unity. The Orthodox share the sacraments and faith, but Catholics also consider it necessary to have a head - the Pope. The Catholic Church believes that the Holy Spirit comes from the Father and the Son, confessing in the Symbol of Faith. In Orthodoxy a little differently. They confess the Holy Spirit, which comes only from the Father. In Catholicism, the sacrament of marriage must be for life: divorces are forbidden. But the Orthodox Church in some cases allows you to divorce.

Still Catholics adopted the dogma that saysThe Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. And this means that even the original sin allegedly did not touch it. Orthodoxy glorifies the holiness of the Mother of God, but believes that it was born with original sin, just like the rest of the people.

Catholic churches of St. Petersburg

Similarities of Orthodoxy and Catholicism

It is worth noting that, despite a lot of differences,these two religions are similar to each other. Both Orthodoxy and Catholicism recognize all the Christian sacraments, of which there are only seven. Similarly, they have common norms (in other words - canons) of church life and the main components of ritual: the nature and quantity of performing all the sacraments, the sequence and content of worship services, the interior, and the layout of the temple. There is one more similarity: divine services are conducted in national languages. In addition, Latin is used (as is known, a dead language) in Catholic and Old Slavonic (not used in everyday life) - in Orthodox churches. Despite all possible differences, Orthodox Christians, just like Catholics, throughout the world profess the teaching of Jesus Christ. And here the most important thing to remember is: let once the prejudices and mistakes of people separate Christians, but faith in one God still unites us.

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