Cake Royal and other desserts

Cake "Royal" and other desserts

Each of us from time to timeTake guests' homes, be it a birthday, a meeting with friends or relatives. And sometimes you just want to pamper yourself. And, of course, the decoration of any festive table is dessert. Cake "Royal" - a classic recipe for delicious baking. He will please any guest. In addition, it is not so difficult to prepare.

Cake "Royal": recipe

In fact, it is easy to bake it, but it is desirable for the day before the celebration, so that the cakes have time to soak up the cream and become softer. So, to prepare the dough you will need the following products:

  • two chicken eggs;
  • two tablespoons of melted butter;
  • two tablespoons of honey;
  • a condensed milk bank;
  • a teaspoon of soda and a tablespoon of vinegar;
  • a glass of flour.

As already mentioned, it is easy to prepare a teslo. To begin with, it is necessary to mix all the ingredients, and then gradually, in small portions, add the flour until the dough acquires the desired consistency. Ideally, it should be a bit thin (like pancakes).

Now grease the frying pan with oil, warming uptime oven. Pour a small amount of dough into the frying pan, so that it covers the bottom evenly. Baked cakes somewhere from 3 to 10 minutes - it all depends on your oven and its thickness. Ideally, you should get about 6-7 cakes.

Your Royal Cake is almost ready -It remains only to smear the cakes with cream. For cooking, you need to take half a liter of sour cream and a glass of sugar, whisking it all thoroughly with a mixer. We smear the cake and the dessert is ready. Leave it for the night in the fridge, and in the morning decorate with fresh fruit, chocolate or something else.

Cake "Poleno": recipe for cooking

If you want, you can diversify your table with the following delicacy. This dessert is also easy to prepare. For the test, you need to stock up the following:

  • about four glasses of flour;
  • 300 g of butter or margarine;
  • three tablespoons of milk;
  • a teaspoon of hot soda.

To begin with, melt margarine (or butter),add flour, milk and soda to the container. Stir the ingredients thoroughly. As a result, you will get a solid dough, which you need to pass through a meat grinder. After that, grease the baking tray with margarine and spread the dough into a smooth layer. The cake should be properly browned, so it should be baked for 40-45 minutes. While the baked dough cools, prepare the cream.


  • a can of boiled condensed milk;
  • a glass of walnuts (it is desirable to grind them a little);
  • 150 g of butter.

Cooking cream is very simple - stir the condensed milk and nuts, add melted butter and mix again.

Now that the cake has cooled down, break it down intopieces of medium size, then put them in the cream and mix. The resulting mass is put into a bag, we put the shape of a log and leave it in the refrigerator for an hour. That's all - your quick dessert is ready.

Natasha Cake: recipe

Another quite popular kind of homemade baking. So, first we prepare the basis for the test:

  • half a glass of flour;
  • 0.5 tbsp. Sahara;
  • one egg;
  • a spoonful of sour cream;
  • a spoonful of soda.

Mix all the ingredients. Now divide the received mass into three equal parts - from them you will bake 3 cakes. In the first, add half a glass of poppy, in the second - the same amount of raisins, and in the third - walnuts. Each biscuit is baked until ready.

Now we prepare the cream, for which it is necessarymix 300 g melted butter and a can of condensed milk (pre-cook). Each cake richly grease with cream. Leave the cake in the fridge. Decorate before serving.

Now you know how to prepare a Royal cake and other desserts. Your guests will be very pleased with delicious homemade pastries.

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