Attic finishing options, photo

Attic finishing options, photo

Attic - a kind of room. It impresses with its unusual architecture, wooden beams, non-standard dormer windows through which the stars look into the room at night. Residential attic should be beautiful, functional. The sharp bevels limit the space, make the decoration and arrangement difficult. Interior designers have found ways to turn the disadvantages of an attic into strengths.

Performing the finish, you can use different materials, colors, for example, to improve the color of the floor, making it close to the color of the walls. There are interesting do-it-yourself decoration options in a wooden house, where the wooden floor and walls can be coated with oil, varnish, paint containing white pigments, bringing the furniture closer to the Scandinavian style, Provence style. How to sheathe the attic from the inside, what materials to use, what the attic finish looks like inside, the photo of the interiors are presented in this article.

Painting - interesting solutions

Unusual attic walls inspire to use different colors and materials.The attic is a space where there are many different surfaces:

  • racks,
  • roof bevels
  • beams,
  • chimneys.

These elements should be sure to beat when painting. For example:

  1. Attic racks are often painted in the color of the ceiling;
  2. stone chimney trimmed with natural or artificial stone;
  3. sometimes the chimney is left in a beautiful natural form of raw red brick, emphasizing its presence;
  4. brickwork can be painted white, giving the atmosphere Scandinavian and Provencal notes.

Attic brick wall decoration, photo

Covering clapboard, wood, other materials

Often at the junction of the walls and the roof they glue the eaves or wooden lath, thanks to which the decor represents a harmonious space. Depending on the purpose of the rooms and preferences, the colors of the walls and materials can be combined in various ways. In search of inspiration for decorating walls with various materials, look at our gallery, where you can see photos of interesting options for finishing the attic floor.

Attic walls decoration with drywall, photo

Attic wall decoration clapboard, photo

Spacious interior with white walls

Covering the attic of MDF panels, photo

Sheathing block house walls of the attic floor, photo

Sheeting the walls inside the attic with plywood

Interior lining at the country house, photo

Coloring the walls: choose colors

When painting the walls you need to remember - many different structural elements of the roof of different colors look beautiful only in large spaces. In small rooms, the use of multiple colors for attic walls is not recommended, it will overload the interior. For small lofts, the principle of painting walls is simple - you need to avoid too many colors and materials. An interesting effect is achieved by painting the light colors of all interior elements:

  • ceiling
  • racks
  • columns,
  • wooden beams.

A photo. Bright interior visually seems more spacious.

In this case, the structural elements of the attic (columns, beams) are no longer so noticeable, do not dominate, harmoniously fit into the environment. Such an attic ceiling finish option will make the room brighter, bigger, and a quiet background allows you to use any color accents in the furniture, decor elements:

  • colored carpet
  • jalousie,
  • lamps.

Interior decoration of the attic floor in white with a dark floor, photo

Painting the walls and ceiling with different colors, even pastel, harmonious, visually reduce the room.

Attic - an unusual space, so it is advisable to choose 1-2 elements that play the first violin in interior design. The rest of the space is to finish in the background - in neutral colors.

A photo. Designed in 3 strong colors - blue, light and dark purple.

If it is decided to cover a part of the wall with a bright, expressive color, it should be coordinated with the dominant role in the interior, and other design elements should be adapted to it. In the children's room presented in the photo below, an orange background color is selected to highlight the TV, which corresponds to the elements of the interior, furniture.

A photo. Bright supplements will enliven the interior of the children's room.

In painting the walls in the attic the most suitable option would be subtle color differences - colors and half tones. Subtle color difference is ideal for decoration of walls, attic ceiling.

Wallpaper design

Beautifully looks option wall decoration wallpaper. For example, wallpaper with vertical stripes visually increases the small height of the walls of the attic.In combination with white or other pastel colors, darker, brighter colors can be used in small quantities. Fashionable solution - arranging the attic space in black and white. Spectacular black and white contrast can be used quite boldly.

In the photo below, there is a black and white contrast with the predominance of white. The interior has an artistic, crazy character. The French style is mixed with the Scandinavian and modern. This is a great offer for fans of the original style.

Black and white decoration of the walls of the attic room, photo

Remember! When painting the walls in the attic, you should avoid choosing a bright or too dark color for low wall racks. The distinctive color will emphasize the small height of the walls, optically lower the roof, make the interior optically lower.

Windows and shutters

Skylights let in a lot of light. This is the least isolated place - even through the best two-chamber double-glazed window penetrates 3 times more heat than through a well-insulated roof (one way or the other). In winter, the heat goes outside, in summer it penetrates through the heated glass, creating a greenhouse effect.

If it is not possible to put three-chamber windows with much better thermal properties, do not forget about outdoor roller shutters - it is preferable to choose metal that reflects heat. Manufacturers of windows offer external and internal blinds, adapted to the size of the window in the attic. Internal shutters on the windows can be installed at any time, but there are certain technological limitations with external ones. Therefore, the installation of roller shutters must be planned during the construction phase of the roof.

Arrangement options

Attic can have different types. The simplest arrangement in the arrangement is a mansard roof, it is sometimes quite difficult to make, but the space under the roof will be the compensation.

Gable roof

The gable roof is a completely different project. Here a huge role is played by the stands - fragments of the “supporting” roof structure. If there are no racks, the roof bevel reaches the floor, the usable area is significantly reduced. When racks are included in the project, their height reaches 2 meters, the attic is significantly gaining functionality.

A photo. Interior decoration of the attic-trimmed attic with a gable roof and 80 cm high racks

The most difficult thing is to design a four-pitched attic. The more kinks in the roof, the harder it is to ergonomically equip the interior.

Mansard without racks

If the attic is deprived racks, only 65% ​​of its area is available for arrangement. This is a high area where people can go.

A photo. Under the roof bevel is a bed, saving space

If the roof is deprived of support in the form of a rack, you need to think about how to arrange a convenient storage space in the corners of the bevels. So you can get plenty of storage space for seasonal clothing, bed linen, towels. Furniture will have to do to order exactly the size of the space that you want to use. This will allow you to perfectly fill the "dead" areas of the attic. Furniture with glittering fronts will increase the space visually. Selecting a model of cabinets with sliding doors will allow you to save a few tens of centimeters. Here you can place a stylish floor coat rack for clothes.

Under the bevels can be positioned:

  • rack;
  • long shelves;
  • bookcase;
  • sofas, beds - but you need to retreat a little so as not to beat your head against the ceiling.

Attic with a stand 80-120 cm

The height of 80-120 cm means that there is a small wall under the roof. The inconspicuous low wall significantly improves the functionality of the attic space. Bias can be used in different ways:

  • put a bed, sofa;
  • put a desk, dressing table;
  • to equip a bathroom with a bath, a toilet;
  • to equip a small kitchen.

In the case of a bathroom, you need to check whether the toilet can be used freely. In the attic rarely make the kitchen, but if you like this idea, this space can be successfully used. A 120 cm jamb of wall is suitable for installing a floor kitchen unit. In the attic kitchen will have to abandon hanging cabinets, you can add a kitchen set open shelves, such trends in the kitchen are popular in 2018.

Design with stand 140-150 cm

Height of 140-150 cm is optimal. At a distance of 50 cm from the bevel a person can move freely without tilting his head. Here you can arrange:

  • comfortable seating area
  • dining table with chairs
  • bed with a high frame.

If a child’s room is located here, you can create a great place to play in a low zone. Such an attic is a real treasure, it combines an interesting architecture with a solid dose of ergonomics.

Apartments on the top floor - the dream of many.Attic helps to create a unique atmosphere with an elegant design.

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  • Attic finishing options, photo

    Attic finishing options, photo

    Attic finishing options, photo

    Attic finishing options, photo

    Attic finishing options, photo

    Attic finishing options, photo

    Attic finishing options, photo

    Attic finishing options, photo

    Attic finishing options, photo

    Attic finishing options, photo

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